20/10/16 ~ poster assignment.


Pocahontas is a Native american woman, known for her association with the colonial settlement in Jamestown, Virginia. Her story was made into an animated and musical depiction by Walt Disney Pictures in 1995. This story included fictional encounters and consequences of the meeting and saving of Englishman John Smith, and the repercussions it entailed for the two individually as well as the opposing culture groups. Since then, the fictional tale of Pocahontas has become an iconic tale and film usually introduced during childhood.  

Not only is this story popular among youth, the attention of adults is attained through the strong foundation story structure and underlying messages. These messages, that are understood more clearly later in life, allow older audiences to reflect upon their childhood lives and then unto present lives.

This poster design was chosen to represent a fictional musical production. The design was taken into account that the acceptance of the musicals is being more apparent in older generations, as it is a different and more personal media experience.

The primary use of black and white color schemes was used to create relevance in older audiences to depict the tone of a known children’s film into something more serious and substantial to an adult’s eye. However, the sparks of color were included as to not forget the importance that lays in the introduction of these ideas during youth. This contrast of colorless and color aid in the reflection this story implies on audiences when revisited at a later age.


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