20/09/16 ~ typography.

in these examples of advertising, typography is used to help enhance the message being put forth.

the first image is of and advertisement for durex, a condom company. they use words to create a man and a woman having intercourse, with the word ‘durex’ in the direct area of intercourse. this use of words is particularly effective because it gives the audience a visual using words. it draws the attention of consumers as the image is very obviously sexual, which immediately draws the eyes of those interesting in sex, which is most of the public. the product is centralized so the focus is quickly brought to their brand and product.

the second advertisement is for a shoe company. they strategically use the word ‘sale’  to form the item of what they are selling, a shoe. this advertisement is mostly directed to women. it grasps their attention by creating a seductive and sexy image alongside the word sale, which brings the two together, and is often stereotypically a loyal head turner for women.

in the third advertisement the company uses rotten teeth to create the word ‘meth’. rotten teeth is one of the many consequences of using meth. this advertisement uses a different technique  by showing the audience something more gruesome and something that the viewer would not want. it effectively informs the viewer that the use of meth will lead to rotten teeth so that you could collect all of your own in the end to spell out words.

the last image tells viewers that this particular sauce is essential for sloppy joes and other edibles similar. it uses the image of a bottle spilled onto a surface, and then turns the mess into a type out of sauce to convey it’s message. this approach is a little more fun and allows the audience to imagine this mess with the thought of bettering it with the sauce.




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