world at large,

i am amuther. it is my first year at ryerson university (toronto, ontario) and it has been quite the adventure getting here.

who i am and where i come from has always been a topic with which i struggle. you see, for most it always seems to be somewhat straight forward. but this has always been a complicated short story for me to tell.

alas, here i am and i have yet to really delve into who i am and where i come from…

my name is anneka. i am twenty two, five feet two point five inches, and all sorts of strange. i was born in seoul (south korea) and was adopted by american- swedish parents. i grew up with one older brother at home who is also adopted from korea. i have three older siblings with whom i did not grow up with; two of which are also adopted while the oldest is what my parents like to refer to as “homemade”.

i spent my first seven years in hong kong and the following eight here in toronto. my high school years in the international baccalaureate program were spent in sweden at an international boarding school, where it was solidified in my mind that i was different than most. standing next to sky high blondes with admirable bone structure made this easy to believe. throughout these years i spent significant time travelling asia and europe hiking and taking courses in fine arts and languages.

i began my post secondary chapter at connecticut college (connecticut, usa). i was told that i was well rounded and that i could do whatever i set my mind to. but i felt confused, deeply unsatisfied, and culture shocked. i returned home with the intention of only taking a year off but creativity caught me. this is when everything seemed to move at a faster pace; my pace.

makeup school, makeup artist, freelance makeup artist, weddings, photo shoots, events, retail at the beauty boutique in a shoppers drug mart, ago museum art courses, web design with george  brown, pottery classes at the gardiner museum, mandarin at university of toronto, wanting to get a degree, choosing to spend four years in toronto  or in savannah georgia…

my mind, personality, interests, and experiences, are all over the place. i’m observant, quiet, thoughtful, and artistic; and i believe this somewhat explains why i am here; why i chose this program. my parents have always steered me in the direction opposite of the arts and i feel as though rta:new media is a program in which encompasses a balance of my needs and interests.

i hope that my next chapter here at ryerson helps to bring together my experiences and stories in a way that satisfies both my personal needs and career desire.