07/09/16 ~ dmp lecture.

two hundred and seventy students within a lecture hall was definitely not the environment i was expecting. nor was what i learned of digital media after the first glimpse.

compared to some generations i am more media literate. i can definitely navigate through most of my father’s technical difficulties with ease. however, in terms of being in touch with the latest trends, celebrities, celebrity news, and in a lot of cases the world news, i fall behind.

i wonder if this is going to put me at a disadvantage while starting this program; thinking that this program relies heavily on ‘the now’.

my first lecture informed me that the importance of trends and the current world will be important in this program, but guided me into considering these aspects from a different perspective. luckily it gave the perspective to consider these subjects in a manner that holds interest to me.

this class is important, as are all the classes in first year. they help bring a variety of backgrounds and experiences together on to one page. as overwhelming as my first class was, i am already much at ease. it is critical that the foundation of a building is strong, as this assures a strong pathway and final project. this is what my first lecture assured me that i will be learning and i very much look forward to all that is to come.


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