22/09/16 ~ alice in wonderland.

this week we continued our alice in wonderland projects. using the magnetic lasso tool and other methods, a series of plants were singled out of their original images. they were then all combined into one file and were duplicated and manipulated to create our own images of alice in wonderland.

unlike the default, the idea that came to mind was a more planetary and space-like approach of alice in wonderland.

i will be posting another photo in the next several days as i hope to continue adding to this image.


own photoshop png using pieces from an alice in wonderland picture.


own photoshop png using pieces from an alice in wonderland picture including images outside photoshop borders.

to be completely honest, i forgot to save my photoshop file as a png. i used cloudconvert to convert my psd file into a png. with the cropping tool, i was able to produce the first image of the dimensions of the original project. the second image was what cloudconverter gave me. it seems to have included all my layers and extensions past the dimensions that were set and limited to while working in photoshop. i included this image because it spoke to me in a very different way than the first and i find some flowing quality in it.


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