18/10/2016 ~ motion graphics.

some motion graphics i find appealing:

this is a  short motion graphics i found on youtube. i find it is very effective in it’s clean transitions and short movements, while being seamlessly embedded with busy micro detail.

this is BBC’s commercial for their knowledge program. again exemplifying the clean transitions using related shapes. it is an effective use to help cover all that this program is meant to give.

an example of a motion graphics client work for a logo type thing. i had no idea that motion graphic designers would be doing this sort of thing so this was fun to find!

this was particularly interesting to find as this introduced me to sharing resumes and portfolios in a totally different medium. by looking up and searching through the field of motion graphics, it has really opened my eyes to a new world of possibilities. it is giving me more optimism for my future and the future of artists.


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