27/09/16 ~ digital footprint.

in today’s lecture we discussed topics surrounding the digital footprint. this has been conscious on my mind since i was quite young, as the dangers of having a presence online was stressed from school associations. i spent my early school years at a catholic all girls school where they warned us of online pedophiles and had us take several self defence classes.

on my own, with or without this early persuasion, i have a natural inclination away from an online presence. all my accounts have different alterations of my name, and i am very careful of what i present. i have deactivated my facebook account several times with the paranoia of anyone knowing about myself and my life.  

from quiet observation and through comparison of my closed friends, i am the farthest behind in having a presence on social media, keeping up to date, and checking other’s accounts. nonetheless, my digital footprint lessened considerably after i feel i found more confidence in my own singular and personal being, with less focus on the public and pleasing the popular.

i always find lectures on this very interesting. i always notice that in between moments of being sat down to look at the facts of where your information goes online, i seem to slowly get lazy and become less aware – and perhaps less careful. in a way it is always a good reminder.

i left the lecture feeling quite anxious and worried that i haven’t been careful in recent online activities. later tonight i will most likely be going through the various social media platforms i participate in and reviewing my presence as well as privacy settings.

whether or not everyone should be doing the same as i do is hard to say. sometimes i prefer to see it as simple as being an introvert or an extrovert, just online rather than in person. everyone deserves to have their own choice as to how much the present online, as long as they are aware of the consequences that come with it. In my case, i am more intimidated by the supposed consequences and use other parties have in my personal online information. yet, i can understand those whom it does not bother. people chose their lifestyles to an extent, and in this same manner, people can chose theirs online.


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