14/09/16 ~ cRaꟼ.

in today’s lecture the different principles of design were discussed. why should one care about design? in order to be successful in presenting something to an audience in a relatable and professional fashion one needs to be sending the right message. what we design controls what the user is experiencing and thinking, so it is important that we have control over what we are presenting.

a simple way to consider different design elements is to follow ‘CRAP‘:

  • C – contrast (color, tone, size/shape, direction)
  • R – repetition (establish a style for each element in a design and use it on similar elements)
  • A – alignment (elements are visually connected to one another)
  • P – proximity (putting like things together)


example #1.


german concert poster for band called ‘red hot chili peppers’.


this is a german poster advertising the concert for a band called the red hot chili peppers.

this poster is successful in using contrasting colors and size. the alignment and proximity of information is grouped accordingly.

negative space is used surrounding most of the content to help bring the eye to the centre and to the entire poster.




event poster for the university of portsmouth student presentation of ‘acoustic night: the fat fox’.

example #2.

this is a university of portsmouth student poster of a night of live acts.

there is the contrasting tone of white, contrasting colors of white and black, as well as the contrasting font types.

negative space is used in a similar way, bring the audience to look to the fox and the title, and then gliding over the secondary information.


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